Sat 9th Feb – Raffle, Cake Stall and Breakfast BBQ – ALL HANDS ON DECK

Hi Knoxfield Krew,

Saturday 9th Feb is our annual Raffle, Cake Stall and Breakfast BBQ

We will need all the help we can get for our Raffle and Cake Stall on Saturday. So if you are not on duty, your help on the stall will be much appreciated.

We will certainly welcome any donations for raffle prizes and baked goods on the day. All profits made go back into the club for the end of year function, medals, trophy’s and to subsidise Knoxfield merch, so anything you can do to assist is very much appreciated.

Please drop us an email at and let us know of any donations.

Along side the cake stall, Andy will be firing up the BBQ’s for bacon & egg sandwiches, sausages and hash browns. Get in early as we will only have limited supply:

  • Egg and bacon sandwiches @ $4 each
  • Sausages @ $2 each
  • Hash browns @ $1 each

Last year the Egg, Bacon and Hash Brown sandwiches where a hit @ $5 each!

Even though we are running our Raffle and Cake Stall we still need to meet our Duty requirement so don’t forget about the Duty Roster. The Duty Roster will be on the table ready for you to fill out if you haven’t already done so. We ask that you do just 6 duties during the season. You can find out more info here.