Each week our club must nominate a certain number of people to complete duty.  Other clubs will tell you which date you are to do duty but at Knoxfield we ask you to nominate which dates suit you.  We ask that each family completes at least 6 duties for the season to make it fair on all members.

Families who are on duty need to report to the duty official who is set-up under the veranda of the canteen/clubhouse.

You can choose any event to help out on as well as Canteen.

First in best dressed so if you have a favourite be sure to get your name marked off early and nominate that duty.

There will be black folder at our table with the dates for this season, please write your name down and pick whichever days or nights suit you best.

Weekly reminders via e-mail will be sent out to those that have chosen to do duty and to ask for help if we are short on our minimum requirement for the centre.

gold-trophyPoints are awarded based on duties completed on a weekly basis and contribute to the chances of our club winning the Kathy Hale Club Award. The winner receives $300 and the perpetual shield. Knoxfield has been very successful in winning this award in the past and we wish to continue to with your help